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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Braylon Edwards gives $790k for College Scholarships

In 2007 the San Francisco 49'ers wide out pledged to 100 Cleveland high school kids that he would give them $10,000 dollars each for college. There were two requirements: graduate with a 2.5 GPA and do 15 hours of community service. 79 of the 100 kids successfully completed the 2 requirements and are now in their first year of college, some students going to prestigious schools such as Harvard and Johns Hopkins. 

This act of generosity has made Edwards one my new favorite players. So what if he got a DWI, 8 speeding tickets, and punched a club promoter (he was a friend of LeBron James, so he kinda had it coming)? At least he isn't diddling little boys as is apparently becoming quite common in locker rooms these days. Because of him, 79 kids now have a chance to get an education and better their lives. Have you given 79 kids a college scholarship yet today?

Today I salute you, Braylon Edwards!