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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

2012: Doomsday is Upon Us (dun dun dunnn)

So here we are, 364.5 days away from the end of the world. As we face the "end of the world" that many believe will come at 12/21/2012 (I shutter in fear just typing the date!) a few questions pop into my head. Now, I know the Mayans weren't your run of the mill ancient civilization, but do people think they were really able to predict the future? Well I mean I guess a certain type of people can be persuaded, after all this woman made a living off of gullibility:

Yes, that is Sylvia Browne. I wonder how that whole "Shawn Hornbeck is dead" thing is working out for her? But, I digress. Another issue I have is that people continuously buy into this apocalyptic hysteria again and again, rumor after rumor! Y2K? My computer didn't blow up in my face and I don't remember any planes or satellites falling from the sky. Oooh, oooh, or wait! What about this guy?

Yeah, October 21st was exactly 2 months ago! Please, do me a favor... put two fingers on your wrist just below the base of your thumb... push hard... feel that? Oh yeah, that's your pulse! You're still alive! Amazing isn't it?

Now lets take a look at this whole calendar thing... Interesting how it end's on 12-21-2012 (again, I shutter)... I forgot that the Mayans had an in depth knowledge about the Gregorian calendar when they created their calendar in 3372 B.C. Pretty cool considering the English didn't even use the Gregorian calendar until 1752 A.D. Maybe the Mayans weren't really advanced, maybe the English were just slow to catch on! And let's face it... when you are carving a calendar in to stone, at some point you are going to have to stop. To think the guy carving the thing stopped where he did because that is suppose to be the end of the world is just preposterous. Maybe he got a hand cramp? Or maybe he just ran out of stone? Or maybe this guy showed up...

Look, just because a calendar "ends" doesn't mean the world is ending. And if it does, well then the Playboy calendar I bought my dad for Christmas doesn't end until Dec. 31, 2012, meaning I just bought us all 10 more days! You're welcome, and enjoy this: