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Monday, January 2, 2012

Dennis Rodman to Practice Philanthropy and Coach Topless Women's Basketball Team at the Same Time

Dennis Rodman is no stranger to headlines, so it shouldn't surprise you that his latest venture involves two things he loves the most... strippers and basketball! Apparently Dennis will be holding a tryout for a topless women's basketball team in NYC and the roster is going to be made up of strippers from Headquarters Gentlemen's Club. But it's for a good cause, as Dennis is planning on pitting the team against another topless women's team reportedly headed by ex-NBA start Spud Webb, who is supposedly fielding a team from a competing strip joint called Rick's Cabaret. Exactly what charity this will benefit is yet to be revealed but when it's all said and done the court will likely be covered in glitter and the whole arena will smell like a French prostitute.

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